Webvisible lied, took my money, and laughed. What crooks!

Orange, Connecticut 0 comments
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Webvisible agressively markets to professionals for internet marketing.Their sales rep told boldface lies about what the company would do for me, and how they only look for a 30 day try-it commitment.

They require credit card payment. The contract promised only vague "best efforts". One month into the program where I had paid $2500 I had two leads. My sales rep told me it was a mistake in keywords, and he would look into it.

Ten days later, I cancelled. Webvisible took two more months of fees, plus an early cancellation fee. Bottom line: three leads (one from another state) for $7,750!! Of course, no one would listen to my complaint or respond to my correspondence.


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WebVisible - Vendor provides no customer service.

Philadelphia, Pennsylvania 0 comments
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I bought the internet marketing program and had problems in May. On June 3 I was notified of an upgrade to correct the problems. It still doesn't work and tech support has not responded to two ticket describing how far the program got before freezing.

The program is designed to automatically provide content to my website, put in links to monetize, include banners to other sites, and to provide backlinks. Unfortunately it doesn't complete the first step before freezing.

My next step is to request a refund.

It seems like a good program but it's no good if it doesn't work as promised.

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Webvisible is a SCAM!!!!

Washington, District Of Columbia 7 comments
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Please reply after this post if you would be interested in joining a class action lawsuit against WEBVISIBLE.They can't keep ripping people off like this.

Basically Webvisible will say the setup is free, the montly billing wont start for months, they say you can get refunded your money if they don't perform. They promise you about 40-50 inquiries per 1200 spent a month. What we got was one inquiry the first month, two the second month.. and on top of that the clients were from a state we aren't licensed to do business.

So they charged us for the setup, which was supposed to be free. We cancelled after no results for two months, and they are now trying to charge us for another six months.. So we have paid 3,000 for 3 client inquiries that we cant solicit because some how webvisible were marketing in Michigan for us when our business is in VA.

in addition the client support hides, sales disappears, accounting there puts you on hold..

its the worst experience ever.

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The Webvisible CEO laid off all the employees today (December 27th). He did it by email. The company is out of business.


Chris instead of trying to come on here to save face to a client you are milking for money, why not take care of your employees first who gave blood sweat and tears to make the company run? Fat cats lining their pockets..


I left for the same reasons as Sara.I gladly left because of the greed and horrible mistreatment of the customers.

I as so horribly ashamed to be associated with such a cruel company. NEVER AGAIN!

Everything that you read in the forums about WebVisible is a SCAM!

I still haven't even been paid by WebVisible for my time.I have my own case against them, but that's another story.


Hi WebVisibleScam and Anthony Mongiello Photography,

My name is Chris, and I am a Vice President here at WebVisible. It sounds like you both had really terrible experiences with customer service and campaign performance while signed up with us. I am really sorry that this has been the case, and I wanted you to know that this is not how we want to treat our customers, nor how we want to represent ourselves as a company.

Please give me a call at 888-577-7821; I would like to have the chance to talk with you, and see what we can do to fix this situation or help give you some restitution.

Again, my apologies for causing you to feel mistreated, and I look forward to hearing from you.



I was a manager for about a year, we basically would promise the moon and deliver 1/5th of what was promised. As long as we got paid it didn't really matter...sorry to the small business owners but it's a dog eat dog world...long live Israel!


I was a employee for them and had to leave because of their shady business practice. They are in the business of raping small businesses. The stories being posted are true.


I would love to participate.

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WebVisible - All they do is take with little results

Denver, Colorado 1 comment

Its more like web invisible.Special software to take your money and give not much in the way of leads.I found they are totally worthless and a SCAM from the word go.DON'T USE THIS *** COMPANY if you are trying to grow yours.They are blood suckers.I would love to see them go out of business.They got me for about two grand.We got a total of about 12 leads and only two of them were worth a ***.Danger stay away from web visible.Have your credit card company shut them before its too late.

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Hi Anonymous,

My name is Chris, and I am a Vice President here at WebVisible. I am really sorry to hear that you did not receive the performance results or level of service expected from WebVisible.

We do not want make our client feel mistreated, nor do we want to behave unethically as a company.

Please call me at 888-577-7821; I would like to learn more about your experience and what we might do overcome your dissatisfaction.

I look forward to hearing from you,


WebVisible - Web visible are non productive theives

Killeen, Texas 2 comments
Not resolved

i am a street smart person...web visble will promise you the world.

when in fact all you will experience is a light wallet. they do absolutely nothing to better your business. by the time you even get posted on the internet you will have paid for at least two months of service. they will tell you they are experiencing problems with themselves as well as the internet providers.

then they will give you a "credit" truth be told you get no credit.


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Form letter damage control? :grin


Hi BigPerm1972,

My name is Chris, and I am a Vice President here at WebVisible. I am really sorry to hear that you had a negative experience with us, and did not receive the level of service you deserved.

That is not the way that we would like to operate as a company, nor is that the way we would like our clients to feel.

Please call me at 888-577-7821; I would like to see if there is anything we can do for you to find restitution, or resolve this issue.

I look forward to hearing from you,


40% of your Advertising Budget is only being used with webvisible

Irvine, California 6 comments
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WEBVISIBLE only uses 40% of your advertising budget the rest goes into there POCKET...I was extremely furious after learning about this and decided to cancel service and reverse charges with the credit card company.

WebVisible is by far the worst company i've every worked with. Very poor un-educated customer service reps and sales reps that simply want to make a quick buck. First off I was told that I can expect 125 calls per month. After signing up I had a really good experience with my account manager at the time.

Things started off pretty good. He seemed to very knowledgeable and helpful great follow up and updates. Once my campaign was built things went all wrong. The so-called landing page looked terrible I could've done it on my own for free and it would have been much better.

I was charged a whopping $699 setup fee for it. All of sudden the account manager I had was gone out the blue. I get some know it all guy that tried to sound educated but was really clueless. I've been running my own adwords campaign for 9 years and this guy (Nick I believe) had no idea what he was talking about.

He was very arrogant and treated me like I did'nt know what I was doing so this got to be very frustrating. After the landing site was re-done my campaign launched and i've received 1 lead and was told my budget ran out after only 3 weeks of no business. When asked about my cost per click it was double what I paid with google directly and I got far less business from it. After doing some research and knowing quiet a few people in this industry I found that my $2000 budget was actually only $700 or so dollars because WEBVISIBLE only uses 40% of your advertising budget the rest goes into there POCKET...

I was extremely furious after learning about this and decided to cancel service and reverse charges with the credit card company. I regret not reading all the reviews before signing up. These guys are pretty *** bad...

I can't see how anyone can have success with this company if their only using 40% of your budget...STAY AWAY FROM WEBVISIBLE

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Costa Mesa, California, United States #1260009

was this the webvisable off redhill ave in IRvine or the one up north?




this place is a chop shop!screw the consumers as hard as possible for as long as possible!

2k budget? kiss that goodbye~!

they fired me for substance abuse and i dont abuse a substance anymore!idiots


I sold just under 100 accounts in 2010 and less than a hand full actually received their money back they invested....and it was all built around a model its CEO's co-signed until the investers noticed we had no retention..then they blamed everything on its sales managers and sales people...when I was let go they tried saying that all the bad was because of all the managers and wv took no responsibility of any of it..........and their technology is 4 years behind the benchmark.


I used to be a manager here it's true, we don't care about the results as long as we get the sale.


I am looking at investing with Webvisible and your article scares me. What else can you tell me? eric@albqteltec.com

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WebVisible - IT'S A SCAM

Santa Ana, California 25 comments

I use to work for Webvisible and all my accounts were cancelled because of non-performance issues.True the monthly fees are marked up and you get the same results as you would donig it with any other company.

The VP and a few others are from Yodel and basically stle their sales manual and repeat the same garbage as they do at Yodel. The software is nothing special. Do a webex just don't drink the koolaide.

They want to basically be another AT&T online but it will never happen.

Every online advertising company can do exactly what Webvisible can do.Save your money



Very nice blog on this website. It is rare these days to find websites with useful data . I am relieved I came upon this site. I will eagerly look forward to your incoming updates.

Thanks for sharing it here


SEO Orange County


I've been with them 1 month and am about to pull out my hair. Webvisible is WORTHLESS. I've gotten NOTHING for my monthly budget except CONSTANT problems.



Hey Concerned consumers, you seem just ignorant enough to be a WEBVISIBLE CLIENT...give them a call if all of these comments werent clue enough for you

21. Written by Concerned Consumers, on 19-09-2010 22:21

The fact that there are two posts from ex employees, leads to a different interpretation of this complaint. I'd find this more helpful if you where a customer and left your business name to follow up with.. Sorry, this was just no help. Thought this site was for Pissed Customers..


What I know is that people that are higher up at webvisible are posing as consumers and as ex employees to make it look like they havent done anything wrong. I am fortunate to have a friend that is still there and informing me of what is being done to take the blame from them and put it onto ex employees, managers, etc. Still not taking responsibility for anything...THIS ONES FOR DAVID...I loved that mouse pad...and they wonder why they went broke!


...and just to clarify. If I\'m taking the time now to post a comment, it\'s obviously to clear things up.


Steve, this is the 2nd legitimate post that I put on here.The one's from "Dan Flores" were put up by someone else.

I wouldn't take the time out of my day to initiate a comment forum. Not to say that is a bad thing, it's just not me. Just so you're clear, I really don't care to go into detail about how my time was spent nor am I complaining about the "stay".

I met some really good people and I was thankful enough to have a job.Keep me out of it.


As a ex manager at Webvisible I didn't mind seeing non performing accounts, as I was on salary so whether or not the account performed was in no correlation to my paycheck. Sad, but bitter truth.


Dan maybe if you handled your time at work with more professionalism and less time making personal phone calls and having 2 hour lunches you would have had a better stay at Webvisible


That's what happens when get millions of dollars from blood sucking venture cap companies. For the small business owner, this form of advertising is much more cost effective when it is handled in house either by yourself, dedicated team or small business like www.getlocalmaps.com. Don't be an *** do your research.


I took Webvisible to small claims court and won $4,300 I advise any other employees who were raped by these pillagers to do the same! @Dan he listened to my calls too!!!


Yes those are the ones. Why were you listening in on phone calls I would make to my wife? That had nothing to do with work?


Since I started here he rubbed me the wrong way and I knew I never wanted to be on his team. When George told me that I was being switched over it was a huge disappointment to me. I could tell the team had some issues and that it lacked leadership. My opinion, the company has lost very good sales reps because of this, but I don’t know that for a fact and that doesn’t really matter. There’s no camaraderie and the weakest link on the team is him. If I’m on a team with someone I need to know that they respect me, my ability and that they have my back. In return I have there back and do the same. It’s the way we initially got treated that killed it for me and probably for others as well, among other things. It’s simple, if you your team like peddlers you get peddler results. If you treat every one of your guys like men, like Account Executive’s you get AE results. It starts there. Then all your guys believe in themselves and can hold themselves accountable. you’re all in it together and you don’t want to let your teammates and your manager down. At that point you can identify who’s lacking ability and needs help if they’re not hitting they’re number.

It’s also a matter of qualification and knowledge. Knowing how to lead and knowing how to take the load of your guys to keep them selling so they don’t get bogged down. Example, getting on the phones to try and save canceled accounts. That may not be part of his job, but if someone is NOT notifying us in a timely of a cancelation we need help finding out who’s responsible for notifying us. Just have our backs. Or actually coaching us through a demo and knowing the right things to say to help us close the deal, but I don’t have trust in that either somewhat because I feel there’s a greater risk in losing the deal.

Basically what I’m saying is, you don’t need to pay someone 50 or60K if all they’re doing is keeping track of what time we’re coming in and how many calls we’re making. Cisco does that.

I have more things I can touch on but I just wanted to give you the main points.


We only would use about 30-40% of budgets on actual advertising the rest would pay for salary's.Reps were encouraged to mislead business owners, offering money back guarantees that we would never honor.

I made 5k a month kicking back and doing nothing, and wearing big puffy headphones to listen in on sales reps personal cell phone calls.

We put privacy screens on our computers so reps couldn't see what we were doing.Long live Israel and Yodle!


they promise the world, than get you one inquiry a month from a state you dont even do business in..Its 100% fraud, scam..

I cant believe they are still in business..Worst business to business experience i have ever encountered.


i worked for webvisible.dont blame the salespeople for doing their job.

blame the higher ups who got greedy and wanted to grow too fast and provided the sales force with an un-backable product.

Even the CEO of the company had no control because it grew too fast for her to even know what was going on.bad business leads to failure.


Company is ***! There main motto is customer service and Valuing their employees meanwhile they just fired 75 employees with nothing, no severance, no warning, nothing!! Worst company out there!

Port Orange, Florida, United States #250944

Yeah and rumor has it they are going under? Is this true???


Just ask for proof from a customer that it works???They show a bunch of fake accounts and make all these promises about the estimates they will deliver but when it comes down to it they don't deliver on what they say to a single business.

WATCH OUT!!! This company also says they have over 100k clients... NOT!!! That is how many clients their partners have sold for them.

They have about 90 current accounts...Yodle or Reach Local are 20 times better companies and that isn't saying much


We are extremely disappointed with our advertising program with Webvisible.I have just contacted American Express about canceling our payment and we are trying to get out of our contract.

I should have known as I will now be skepetical of anyone that makes you pay with credit card as there is no way you would hand over a check to these people after working with them! They do not respond to any of our requests, we have had 3 different account managers in just 4 months, they have failed to deliver our leads, they gave us a credit but insist we stay with them for a year to get our credit. The great sales person is nowhere to be found.

I just wonder how these people sleep at night- ripping people off!!Complete waste!


Be careful about dismissing a warning simply because it is from an "ex" employee who left for another job.After all, they have inside information that you don't.

I also have seen WebVisible's SEM budgets, and it is true that they spend only 50% of your money on your ad program and keep the other 50% for themselves.

That number is spot on.Disregard the advice if you want, but you've been warned.

Port Orange, Florida, United States #202123

I know all about webvisible they scammed me and my landscaping business hard!I would say try Up Front Consultants.

They are pretty straight up with no scams contracts or any of that *** and their seo actually worked.Check em out www.upfrontconsultants.com


This is total a great place to advertise dont listen to the people who got fired because they could not do there job.WeBvisible works great for my company.

I get tons of calls each month for my remodeling business.Thanks WV !!


I was sold on the fact of the 25 to 35 leads a month they said they could get me, but in three months they have got me 9 leads. I have called several times with no call back. They are using me and others as their personal piggy banks.


The fact that there are two posts from ex employees, leads to a different interpretation of this complaint.I'd find this more helpful if you where a customer and left your business name to follow up with..

Sorry, this was just no help.Thought this site was for Pissed Customers..


I agree I also worked there and they take 50% margins of the clients advertising budgets.

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WebVisible So far

Indio, California 3 comments
Not resolved

So far the customer service from my account manager K Dumaz has been superb, one of the best I've ever experienced.I never really trusted everything the sales rep sold me on but decided to move forward at my own peril.

The information provided by my account manager was very accurate as I looked it up online. I was a bit nervous about the complaints and reviews but he made some very valid points.

I understand the frustration some may have experienced but so far so good.I will keep you all posted on what happens in a few weeks.

Review about: Search Marketing.



This guy sounds a little "too" happy to be real...


This guy sounds a little "too" happy to be real...


How has this company been since then?

WebVisible Inc. Rips Consumers off

Los Angeles, California 32 comments
Not resolved

Webvisible is a complete Rip Off, great at talking the talk and promising great results but the company is a fraud.

Results and reports that were sent to us where falsified, encountered multiple ROI miscalculations. Cost per Click went up in every category they assisted us with. Continued to bill prepaid funds after the account was canceled. In regards to management we received many promised callbacks that took days to weeks to receive with no satisfactory outcome.

BEWARE of smooth talking salespeople. Results were terrible and a waste of $15,000.00 in just two weeks. Consumers don't let them do this to you.

Review about: Webvisible Advertising.



Like the posts above...

Very slick sales people.They promised the moon and delivered very very poor results.

They couldn't even get our company name right on the video landing page they provided. We prepaid to what should have covered about 6 months of their program.

It lasted 2 months.We canceled and they continued to bill us.

Worst rip-off to our small business ever!


:grin WEBVISIBLE Is a JOKE! do not work with them.




Its called PayPerClick, Google Adwords.Save yourselves all the fret.

Dont go with reachlocal, webvisible, or yodle. they take high margins. Do it yourself.

sure you dont get all the tracking, but you know how much money you are spending.and you are able to manage that yourself!


WOW! I see I'm not the only one. They are really good at getting your money, not so good when you want to cancel your account after lacking results.

Would not recommend


More then anything they can care less about their employees. They fired the entire Charlotte office and while they were walking in to tell us we were fired they were joking with each other. They Suck




RIPOFF!!! If Webvisible contacts you RUN do not walk away.


Being a former employee at Webvisible, I do not recommend their services to any business owner.Their technology is 2-3 years behind what is really going on with search.

It's a complete burn and churn operation with more focus on going public then growing a business owner's business.

Their knowledge in search is mediocre at best.If you are serious about your business, I advise you to go else where.


I invested $2,400 with webvisible.Results were TERRIBLE.

Far better off investing in local advertising.Would not recommend or use them again.


I have to agree with all of the posts here.I gave them a shot during a slow time just to see what they could do.

The salesman compared

my company to a similar company in Texas and claimed that they generated 30 new calls from potential clients. I thought it sounded good so I went ahead with the program. They burned up what was supposed to be the budget for the month in two days and managed to generate on phone call from a vendor trying to sell me something. My "account rep" wouldn't take my calls.

The CEO e-mailed me to get a review. I gladly let her know my thoughts, she never responded. I asked for a refund and was told that there are no guarantees in advertising.

Don't waste your money here.:(


Let me know about this Company, thinking about using there Service?


I have been scammed by a half-a-dozen internet advertising companies.I have searched high and low for anyone who can be trusted to deliver any results.

I have not taken the bait from several reps at Webvisible but in a year or so I have 3-4 reps from this company in my contacts and email archive.Looks like this place has a revolving door.


I was contacted by a recruiter recently regarding a sales posotion at a new web visible office in Marina Del Rey. Can't help but notice the competition, Yodle and Citysearch also have a lot of consumer complaints, yet WV's BBB report is still A+ sice they answer all complaints. Thoughts on this??


Webvisible is a SCAM SCAM SCAM




I have 10 years of advertising experience and I can tell you as a seasoned expert, no one can guarantee results. Your first clue that you should not be doing business with a marketing company is if they guarantee specifics regarding visits, conversions, ROI, etc.



I have been contacted by webvisible and their numerous recruiters at least 10 times in the last year. How high is their turnover rate? It seems they are selling google adwords and just charging a fee


My campaign will begin in about a week, I will let you know, sometimes you have to take risks. My salesman are closers, I am not afraid of taking the risk. I will let you know how it goes.


To SammG,

Hey, thanks for the info. That situation has got to be really frustrating. Sounds like they dropped the ball in a major way with your organization. It is amazing how effective it is to simply listen to and address customer concerns. Let's hope they are "tightening up their ship" and giving better service to other companies. Best of luck to you and your organization.



Circle Pines, Minnesota, United States #127071

To: Alex Feldman

Yes, I re-posted the same comment on multiple boards because 15K IS a lot of money. We do pay attention and my company canceled billing when the marketing team noticed what was going on..yet the funds they collected upfront continued to be billed until our balance was zero.

I am doing nothing more than informing others of what happened. I simply advocate the truth. If WebVisible had assisted me with service after the complaints my company would be spending money with them today, they did not. I will continue to share my experience..nothing more or less. My intention is not to bash the company but only to tell my experience exactly as it happened and share my opinion. If a PPC and ROI report don't match that is a fraudulent document. The little guy cannot get pushed around by a company that "thinks" they can do whatever they want with a customer’s funds just because a service was pre-paid.

Circle Pines, Minnesota, United States #124493

Are you kidding? What does sales skill have to do with another companies deceiving and unethical billing practices? I paid thousands of dollars and Pay Per Click cost went UP! I paid thousands of dollars and conversions went DOWN! Chris you obviously do not own or a run a business.

What do you think people? Sounds like a WebVisible , Inc sales person mentality to me.

"1. Written by chris g, on 16-03-2010 13:09

maybe you are not a good salesperson at your business, thats why you cannot obtain new business, not webvisibles fault, get some sales skills."


maybe you are not a good salesperson at your business, thats why you cannot obtain new business, not webvisibles fault, get some sales skills.


I also believe them to be a scam.

They are scamming my medical practice.

Smooth talkers. Convention ctr. exhibitors by day , hucksters by night....STAY AWAY


$3200 down the toilet. Web(In)visible is a complete joke. Their metrics are unverifiable nor will they provide info other than padding their 'dashboard' with meaningless 'hits.'


To the "I disagree" person writing above.Do you have a vested interest in supporting Web Visible or something?

Because your line, "This company gets the job done if you are willing to invest the 3 months youll never regret it" (btw - go back to school and relearn grammar, please) is not true. Our company has been with WebVisible for 3 months now and our ROI is actually zero. We have made NO money from our "campaign" with them.

We will have spent $2245 in four months by the time this is all done, for no return.I will be disputing charges and canceling my contract.


I don't know how they get away with this ***. My complaint to the BBB didn't make a DENT in their A- rating which it a JOKE!!!

BBB irrelevant! They enable these crooks as far as I'm concerned!


I disagree with all of this negativeiformation.It is obvious that WebVisible is a company with Integrity that is not afraid to show their name.

Advertising costs money lets be serious. This company gets the job done if you are willing to invest the 3 months youll never regret it. Think long term people. I know people who are so grateful for a company to handle all of their internet marketing like WebVisible does.

I would rather pay a company to do this for me than figure it out myself anyday!

Get Real and stop thinking about your little investment.It will all pan out.


I am currently seeing great rusults from this service, the sales rep clearly explained to me that it takes 3 months to get to full optimization. once that period passed i have been getting several ne customers every month. so for you guys that are putting two weeks or months did not give the system enough time to work


They stole the Boiler Room mentatility from Yodle, and they have 30-40 people in Charlotte, NC and 40 ish in California that call people all day long!They are used card salesman, disguished at Helpers to Small Business people.

If they *** over, go to their office in Irivine, CA or Ballantyne NC and find out why?Do you know they are owned by IDEARC Media, aka Yellow Pages?


WebVisable is a complete scam!!!!!!!!!Do not sign up!

They charged me $1700 for 29 clicks over a 2 month period.Spend your advertising money elswhere.


Webvisible...DO NOT USE THEIR SERVICE!They are a fraud based company taking in money with no service on the end.

Then trying to sort it out like its a glitch and keep billing you in the proccess. Smooth (pushy and dont know the product) sales people force feed the contract then sale off with monthly money unill you figure out that you are not getting service.

Do not believe the good reviews they are market propaganda.I have not had one person out there with actual positive feedback in use.

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