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Please reply after this post if you would be interested in joining a class action lawsuit against WEBVISIBLE.They can't keep ripping people off like this.

Basically Webvisible will say the setup is free, the montly billing wont start for months, they say you can get refunded your money if they don't perform. They promise you about 40-50 inquiries per 1200 spent a month. What we got was one inquiry the first month, two the second month.. and on top of that the clients were from a state we aren't licensed to do business.

So they charged us for the setup, which was supposed to be free. We cancelled after no results for two months, and they are now trying to charge us for another six months.. So we have paid 3,000 for 3 client inquiries that we cant solicit because some how webvisible were marketing in Michigan for us when our business is in VA.

in addition the client support hides, sales disappears, accounting there puts you on hold..

its the worst experience ever.

Monetary Loss: $6.

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The Webvisible CEO laid off all the employees today (December 27th). He did it by email. The company is out of business.


Chris instead of trying to come on here to save face to a client you are milking for money, why not take care of your employees first who gave blood sweat and tears to make the company run? Fat cats lining their pockets..


I left for the same reasons as Sara.I gladly left because of the greed and horrible mistreatment of the customers.

I as so horribly ashamed to be associated with such a cruel company. NEVER AGAIN!

Everything that you read in the forums about WebVisible is a SCAM!

I still haven't even been paid by WebVisible for my time.I have my own case against them, but that's another story.


Hi WebVisibleScam and Anthony Mongiello Photography,

My name is Chris, and I am a Vice President here at WebVisible. It sounds like you both had really terrible experiences with customer service and campaign performance while signed up with us. I am really sorry that this has been the case, and I wanted you to know that this is not how we want to treat our customers, nor how we want to represent ourselves as a company.

Please give me a call at 888-577-7821; I would like to have the chance to talk with you, and see what we can do to fix this situation or help give you some restitution.

Again, my apologies for causing you to feel mistreated, and I look forward to hearing from you.



I was a manager for about a year, we basically would promise the moon and deliver 1/5th of what was promised. As long as we got paid it didn't really matter...sorry to the small business owners but it's a dog eat dog world...long live Israel!


I was a employee for them and had to leave because of their shady business practice. They are in the business of raping small businesses. The stories being posted are true.


I would love to participate.

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